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Theory at Home Lessons

We come to your home to help you study. You may use our laptops and our software or you own computer.

£17 per full 1 hour Lesson. With discounts available


Car Theory Tuition (Multiple Choice & Hazard Perception)

We incorporate your theory whilst driving round and studying from books.

The Theory Test for learner drivers was originally introduced by the Driving Standards Agency in 1996. It's purpose is to prepare provisional licence holders for driving on today's demanding roads and for all the responsibilities that come with being a full licence holder.

Since it's introduction, the test has been updated several times and since November 2002 has also included a Hazard Perception test. This tests candidates on their reaction to various hazards whilst driving.

Part 1: Multiple choice test:

This consists of 50 multiple-choice questions covering a wide range of driving topics. It is carried out on a PC using a touch screen method. The time limit is 57 minutes with the option of having a 15 minute practice session prior to the 57 minutes commencing. The pass mark is 43.

Part 2: Hazard Perception test:

This consists of 14 video clips of approx. 1 minute in length showing various hazards such as vehicles, pedestrians and road conditions.

As soon as a developing hazard is spotted, the candidate must press the mouse button. A developing hazard is one that may cause the driver to change direction or speed. The earlier the candidate spots and responds to the hazard, the higher the score attained. A maximum of 5 points is attainable for each developing hazard. There are 15 "scoreable" hazards. The pass mark is 44 out of a possible 75.

The candidate must pass both tests on the same day and only then, if at test standard, can a practical test be booked.

Special needs are catered for in the form of headphones for the dyslexic or for people taking the test in another language.

Goto L Driving School offers in-car theory tuition during the drive, and are now pleased to be able to provide the latest interactive home theory study for both the multiple choice & hazard perception parts of the theory test.

£20 per full 1 hour Lesson. With discounts available

Learner Driving

Goto L Driving School welcomes Provisional Licence Holders of all standards. Whether you are a complete novice, or have recently failed a driving test, don't hesitate to contact us. We are pleased to offer driving tuition courses for all drivers from learners to refresher lessons. We also welcome nervous pupils.

Learner Driver Lessons start at £22 per full 1 hour Lesson. With discounts available

Gift Vouchers

At Go To L Driving School we offer all types of gift vouchers. These can be used as payment for your driving lessons, these make a great gift and can be personalised to the individual as a birthday or a Christmas gift, our gift vouchers can be used against any driving courses available with us. They are non refundable but can be passed on to anyone else, Our gift vouchers are valid for twelve months from date of purchase, we also offer a great discount deal for gift vouchers.

Gift vouchers start at £20 with discounts available


Intensive Driving Courses

We offer intensive driving courses ranging from 8 hour courses, perhaps for someone who has recently failed a test, up to the 40 hour course for the complete beginner.

In order to undertake an intensive course, you must have passed your theory test, as you will be unable to book a practical test without this.

Our instructor will also need to carry out an assessment of your driving skills to date and therefore recommend to you the course most suited to your ability level. This assessment is not necessary you have never driven before as the course you require will be the 40 hour course.

£19 per full 1 hour Lesson. With discounts available

Mock Tests

Our Mock test is extremely beneficial to those close to taking their Practical test. It not only tests your driving skills etc., but puts you under some of the pressure that you can expect on Test day. It tests your concentration and focus levels; your ability to make decisions and how you react in potentially stressful or nervous situations. It will be just like the real thing including manoeuvres and the show and tell.

£22 per full 1 hour Lesson including the show and tell.

Pass Plus Courses

The Pass Plus scheme has been developed by the Driving Standards Agency for drivers who have passed their Practical Driving Test.

It is a training scheme that helps you gain more driving experience in areas where you may have very little or no experience - thus reducing the risk of you being involved in an accident. It teaches you positive driving skills and ensures a positive attitude to driving. Many insurance companies offer substantial discounts on car insurance premiums on completion of this course.

The course consists of 6 modules:

Introduction & Town Driving

All Weather Driving

Out of Town Driving & Rural Roads

Night Driving

Dual Carrageway Driving

Motorway Driving

This course does not have a test at the end, if you complete the course you will receive a certificate from the Driving Standards Agency

£25 per full 1 hour Lesson Module. This is a Minimum six hour course.

£110 Total if taken in 1 full day , Special offer.



Advanced Driving

If you would like to improve your driving skills, we can provide advanced driving lessons. You can even take an Advanced Driving Test, which again may reduce your car insurance premiums.

Advanced Lessons start at £25 per full 1 hour Lesson. With discounts available

Refresher Lessons

For whatever reason, you may not have driven for a while and your driving skills may have become a little "rusty". Or you may need help plucking up the courage to actually get back in to the driving seat.

Refresher Lessons start at £20 per full 1 hour Lesson. With discounts available

Motorway lessons

Provisional licence holders are prohibited from driving on Motorways in the UK. Therefore, when a pupil passes their Driving Test, they may well be totally daunted by the prospect of driving on Motorways for the first time some experienced drivers also have a fear of driving on Motorways. A few hours on and off Motorways with one of our Driving Instructors should set you at a confident level of driving and a better understanding of Motorways.

Motorway Lessons start at £25 per full 1 hour Lesson. With discounts available

Fleet Training

Driver Risk Assessment

The 'Risk Assessment' course takes approximately 2 hours and is conducted either from client premises or another suitable location.

A personal assessment must be made to each individual trainee.

Assessments carried out by a Driving Standard Agency Approved registered Fleet Trainer

Drivers who require skill assessment, particularly those deemed 'high risk' and anyone wishing to reassess competence following an accident. Will benefit themselves their employer and it will be healthier for the environment.

Course Content

Basic Assessment of individual training requirements

Assessments carried out by a Driving Standard Agency Approved registered Fleet Trainer

Road worthiness checks

Training for multiple road environments (town, country and motorway)

Employer Benefits

Eco friendly making a difference to the environment

Lower insurance premiums

Lower risk accident claims

Better fuel economy keeping costs down

Less wear and tear costs

Improved public image of your company

Improve safety culture

Higher staff morale

Less sickness time off due to stress and accidents

A defence against criminal prosecutions and civil litigation

Driver Benefits

Improved safety for drivers and other road users

Reduced stress levels and enhanced safety while driving

Increased driver confidence in their vehicle

Increased vehicle control and performance

Drivers becomes a greater asset to the company

Certification of Risk assessment issued

Please contact us for more information and costs

Full Instructor Courses

If you are training to become an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI), we have courses to help you achieve this goal - please contact us for further details.

Instructor Rescue Packages

We also do rescue PDI courses and lessons to get you up to standard for part two and three.

Part 1 Theory study pack to be negotiated.

Part 2 Practical Driving for the PDI. £55 per 2 hour session. 1 - 1 ratio

Part 3 Teaching Ability for the PDI. £55 per 2 hour session. 1 - 1 ratio

All rates can be negotiated depending on type of course.

Most common Instructor course is pay as you go.